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2. Kompanie, 38. Regiment,
17. SS Panzer-Grenadier Division,
"Götz von Berlichingen"


  • Throughout this website the visitor will find images such as the "Hakenkreuz" (swastika). As the Hakenkreuz was the symbol of Germany (and her armed forces) for the period we are portraying, we use it like they did; There is no idealogical purpose behind the use of this symbol or any others and none should be assumed!
  • The members of the Götz von Berlichingen (GvB) Living History Organization are not affiliated with any racist, radical or right wing political movement especially and including the neo-Nazi movement. We are students of Military Science not Political Science. The sole intention of this manual is to help prepare an individual who expresses an interest, in the recreation of a time in history; to which end we do the best that we can!

Thank You!

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Updated 29.01.02