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Jerome Iglowitz


Current Précis:  In a Nutshell:  This is probably the best place to start!

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New book: “Consciousness & Reality: Final & Definitive Conclusions” Released April, 2012: Paperback $29.95, (Download price $5.99).  Contains crucial chapters on Quantum Physics –on d’Espagnat and Niels Bohr which I think Substantiate my thesis in the Real World and I make a claim for validity based on the very highly similar conclusions we have reached about actual reality!


 Here I will ask a specific favor of you.  If you do acquire this book, and attain some understanding of it, that you email me your comments at .  Please insert a header like “in reference to your book” so that I will not delete it, unopened as “spam”!  Note: this link will be updated as time goes on. This book contains the new D’Espagnat appendix which I think exposes brand new possibilities and a connection with Quantum Physics and which directly addresses the problem of “physical realism” itself!  Ordinary  materialism just does not work in the world of modern science!


Here is a link to new reviews as they arrive!  I recommend the David Nyman review, (contained within this link), and originally posted on Amazon © as the deepest and most perceptive!  Another excellent and perceptive review of my overall concept is Blaise Lara’s, (in Spanish), available as a machine translation on this same site.



Note:  Chapters 1 through 3: the Origins of my Conception might be of particular interest as they explain and validate my very different and original beginning perspective on this ancient problem.  Here is a link to free mp3 versions of the chapters, (using an ATT (c) text to sound conversion with a Toshiba © voice), if you might be interested in listening to them on your IPod © while doing something else.  It is a reasonable study tool but it lacks the explanatory diagrams, of course.


Here is a link to a recording I made of my next book , (whose function is to explore the consequences of my conclusions in the context of our normal living.   It was just a beginning sketch, but I think it will tell you

Where I want to go!







      1..  INTRO: The Mind-Brain Problem: An Introduction for Beginners     (VIEW AS PDF)
 ( An overview - not necessarily only for beginners.  There are some interesting new ideas here!)

           2.   WHY: Mind: the Argument from Evolutionary Biology, ( Virtual Reality -A Working Model)    (VIEW AS PDF)

This is an expansion and refinement of the second chapter of my original book, (accessible below).

     4.  BOOKS –linked above


  1.    A Note for Impatient or Skeptical Minds
  2.    Edelman's Ontology
  3.    A Metacellular Perspective
  4.    Freeman’s Figure 2, (Note its close relationship to the figure immediately above)
  5.     A Compound Perspective:  Freeman and Beyond , “MIND_GRAPHIC”
  6.    Bounds and Limits to Bio-Mechanical Evolution


Here is a link to  the Table of Contents.




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