An Old Fragment

         I am like a savage, capsized at sea, who has gathered flotsam, piece by piece, and lashed it together with seaweed.  I have made a sail of a whale bladder and my rudder is at deadly peril to passing sharks.  But it works, and I have learned things about the sea and about sailing that I think the captains of the majestic oil tankers, or the dapper skippers of the jaunty yachts, for all their instrumentation, were able to ignore or were too far above the sea to learn!  I have been blown onto shores not on their charts and seen many wondrous things.          Hear my tale and take title to these vistas with my blessing!  I do not have the skills or the strength to exploit them.  If, perchance, you should want to communicate with me, you must toss me notes in bottles, written in my simple, primitive language as I have no radio on board.  If you should want to rendezvous, you must give me time to navigate my primitive craft to our place of meeting!  If you wanted to offer me a tow, I would not be too proud to accept it! <*>  Origin: SNET - 0030 - COGNITIVE   From: JERRYI@DELPHI.COM             Public     To: ALL   Date: 06/04/94 at 03:26     Re: ASCII POSTING, "A NEW AND