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Here's a few photos of possible interest to friends & family.

You can click on a picture to see it full size.


Linda and I -- about 1990 or so -- on the coast trail at the Sinkyone wilderness. Picture by Noah.

A digital composite (only Noah and I were there). Cutting firewood in the ENF with Noah and his giant chainsaw.

The Perry Creek bridge and road at Chenonia after the New Year's flood of 1996. Louie Anderson from next door came over with his backhoe, and we put a bunch of boulders in the hole.

The old County arch bridge, Middle Fork of the Cosumnes at Mt. Aukum Road, the following day. A search and rescue volunter ran out of gas on a similar old bridge over the North fork, and his jeep washed on down river...

Tom starts his day! Pastel by Linda.


Revised: 7/23/2000