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Filing cabinets have many drawers carefully cataloging things that fall into some sort of a hierarchy. The Site Map on the left is a representation of such an organization. However, in every case I've ever seen, information pops up that just doesn't fit well into pre-determined folders and drawers. For that stuff, English provides one of it's most wonderful and useful of words, Miscellaneous. That's what this page and the ones under it are for ... stuff that might be of some interest to someone, but which doesn't seem to fit neatly into any of the pre-defined categories on the left.

Happy is a short saga of Happy, The Donkey. He is owned by Lisa, who works at the organization where I volunteer one day a week, and who lives in Meadow Vista, a small, rural community a few miles on up Interstate 80 from our place in Auburn. As is often the case, it turns out the saga isn't really about Happy so much as it is about how people in communities live together (or don't).

Marriage. California is a very large and very eclectic state. It is variously said that, were it a sovereign member of the United Nations, it would have the 5th [or 6th, or sometimes 7th] GDP of the world. It also has a lot of people, hence there are a lot of all kinds of people, including those whose sexual attraction is to members of their own gender. Many others are opposed to the homosexual lifestyle, primarily on religious grounds, and some of those are downright intolerant and nasty about it. California is also a bit unique in that the State Constitution includes three forms of direct democracy: The Referendum, The Initiative, and The Recall. In 2000, a ballot initiative with the exciting name "Proposition 22" received about 60% of the votes cast, and became law. It was remarkably short for a law and said, “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." In May of 2008, the State Supreme Court struck down that law as unconstitutional, and as I write this, men are marrying their male partners, and women their female partners.

The bruhaha that followed has been intense, mean-spirited, nonsensical, wrong, and irrelevant. See this page if you are reasonably tolerant and would like a perspective a bit different than what's going on in the media.

Musings is a collection of a few things that are important to me, one or two that have truly shaped my life, and some questions about life that you might be able to answer.

Humor Life is short. If you can't really laugh at least once a day, it is going to be shorter.Humor is a small collection I've culled from the funniest and most interesting humor I've found. The Internet abounds in humor, however much of it is redundant, not terribly funny, or funny only to a small group (and often offensive to everyone else). Some of the items here come from the Internet, but many come from more traditional sources. It is said that kids laugh more than a hundred times a day, while the average adult laughs maybe a handful of times each 24 hours. This is definitely not a good trend!

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