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I belong to several amateur radio-oriented clubs, each with a different interest. The links and pages here will provide information should you be interested in any of their activities.

Northern California Cactus Radio Association (NCCRA)

The NCCRA is a recent (mid-2005) merger of two northern California Cactus Intertie affiliates, the Sierra Radio Assn., and Pendulum. NCCRA operates a system of linked UHF repeaters stretching from the Fresno area to Lake Tahoe, providing coverage over the entire San Joaquin Valley, north in the Sacramento Valley to about Chico, and the San Francisco Bay area from Morgan Hill to above Petaluma. The NCCRA is an affiliate organization of the Cactus Intertie, and connects to the intertie network at Frazier Peak in So. California.

The NCCRA makes its Bald Mt., Squaw Peak, and Tahoe linked UHF systems available each year to support communications for the 100 mi Western States Endurance Run and the Tevis Cup Endurance Ride.

Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club

The SFARC has been established since 1958, and is a general interest club with a nominal home-base in Auburn, although it draws members from the general Sacramento metropolitan area as well as from the foothills. The club's activities include support of VE examination teams, Field Day, the K6ARR repeater (145.43 [-600 / 162.2]), and various emergency communications. Its newsletter, "Sierra Signals," is posted here in PDF format each month.

Cactus Intertie

The Cactus Intertie ("Cactus") is an organization-of-organizations, dedicated to building and operating a system of linked, UHF (70cm) repeaters. The system is currently anchored in the Northwest by the SRA's Squaw Peak repeater at 8,700 feet above Squaw Valley, and stretches west to the Pacific and south into So. California. From there it covers Arizona, S. Nevada, New Mexico, parts of Utah and Colorado. It connects to the Armadillo System ("The National Radio Network of Texas") and Intertie Inc. between Dark Canyon NM and No Trees TX, which covers all of Texas as far as Galveston and Dallas. All Cactus-Intertie repeaters are controllable from anywhere in the system via DTMF tones.

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