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Retired Nerd

Having been typecast as a nerd for nearly my entire life, I've come to the conclusion that it is not a pejorative term at all. For ten years in the USAF, and later as an engineer, I was able to support my family, and was able to retire in early 2000 at 59 1/2. Nerds may not get all the girls, but it has turned out that one was enough.


We live on 5 acres just outside of Auburn CA, where we've been since 1976. Our kids grew up here, and were able to have horses and motorcycles since it's a fairly rural area. We are fairly close to the city of Auburn however, which makes it easy to shop. Andrea is an avid gardener and my job is to bury white pipe for all the irrigation. I've probably got a couple of miles of it in the ground now. The current project on that front is building a 64-station controller to replace the 6 individual ones she has on the wall in the basement (and that are slowly failing).

Since retiring, I've finally been able to spend time on my ham radio hobby of some 50 years. While remodeling our '20s era home, we constructed an additional room which we call "The Office." In reality, it is the home of my radio habit (photo at left) and Andrea's needlework hobby. Five acres also provides plenty of space for construction of antennas, and our rural neighborhood has no CC&R's!

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