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Andrea was a Master Gardener with the University of California, Davis, for over 18 years, and she has domesticated about 1.5 of our 5 acres with an incredible variety of plants. Basically, I get to live in a botanical garden and park. She is a long-time member of the Auburn Garden Club, celebrating 70 years in 2004. The flowers in the upper left corner are Climatis.

She also engages in needlework as an art form. This is fortunate for me since it is just about as expensive a hobby as my amateur radio habit, and, under the provisions of the "Equal Hobby Allowance Act," we each get to spend our children's inheritance on what we each like to do.

Unfortunately, Andrea does not "do" computers, and I always seem to be too busy to spend any time on these pages. I did resolve in 2004 to do something about that.

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