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Auburn, California
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This site was originally posted to the Internet in 2004. It is now almost 2014, and much of the site content has passed its "prime." Consequently, it is now under construction again. Stay tuned.

The Solar Status flags are courtesy of N3KL and Ham QSL, and are of interest mainly to amateur radio operators. The Solar X-Ray status is derived from the analysis of the last 24 hours of 5-minute samples from the GOES Satellites in the 1 - 8 angstrom range. The Geomagnetic Activity is represented by the mid-latitude planetary K index (Kp) based on analysis of the last 24 hours of 3 hour mid-latitude samples of Kp. Clicking on the indicators will take you to the raw data and graphs.

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Auburn, CA

For those interested, the photo at the top of this page is of the crest of the Sierra Nevada at an elevation of about 10,000' (3,000 meters). It was taken from Interstate 80 at Yuba Gap (~5,000'), looking ENE.

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