Historical Summary of BCP Activities Year-by-Year

Just for the Record


—Bali Children’s Project formally established with two local field assistants.

—Sponsored eight children in middle and high school programs.

—Supplied books, school materials, computers, to existing resource centers and schools and medical supplies to the Women’s Health Clinic in Ubud. 


—Continued the support of the eight children and supplying materials for four schools, the Women’s Health Clinic, and the Children’s Library in Ubud.

—Enabled one Balinese young man to acquire a university education. 


—Bali Children’s Project established as a California non-profit corporation.

—Increased the number of children sponsored in middle and high school to fifteen.
—Continued the donations of books, school supplies, developmental toys, computers, and medical supplies to schools, the Women’s Clinic, and the Pondok Pekak Children’s Library in Ubud.

—Established a micro-investment program in the Munduk area ( a poor mountainous region) for families in dire need, for emergencies, or the purchase of a cow or pig, to be raised for profit. 

—Became affiliated with the Kupu-Kupu Foundation in Ubud, a Balinese non-profit organization assisting children and adults with disabilities.

—Rent from two houses in Bali began to provide funds for the Project. 


—Continued support of the middle and high school students and the donation of supplies to the above described organizations.

—Volunteer Teachers program established to further the activities of the Project in nine local schools with seven participants: two from Holland, two from the United States, two from England, and one from Australia, (their fees provided income for other BCP projects).

—English language classes established in several villages.

—Art program established at Purna (60 children) and Munduk area.

—Third local staff member added to oversee the volunteer program. 


—Continuation of all of the above activities.

—Opened two Montessori kindergartens in Pegas and Jajen (two villages in the poor , mountainous regency of Tabanan) serving forty-three children with three trained Montessori teachers, and support from the volunteer teachers program .

—Art created in the Project’s art program sold through the Hiroshima Starship organization at their annual Art Party in Hiroshima, Japan with proceeds returned to the Project for the continuation and expansion of the Art Program.

—Two sponsored children, now high school graduates, attending computer and tourist industry training schools.

—Association begun with Information and Communication Technologies Singapore to obtain funding to link 50-100 schools in Bali through a wireless network to become a pilot project for third world education.

—Association begun with the SOS Orphanage, Bantas, Tabanan regency, to supply books, clothing, and teaching materials.

—Second (professional) website created.

—Proceeds from rentals of two houses in France added to Project’s income. 


—Continuation of all above activities.

—Third Montessori kindergarten established in the village of Penestanan. 

—Art sent to 2nd Hiroshima Art Party fund-raising event.

—An additional children’s library established at Purna

—Association initiated with Yayasan Anak, a French-run Indonesian non-profit organization to obtain bulk shipments of children’s books from Java.

—Began receiving support from local organizations, including the Club Inc. and Lounge in Semininak, Bali, and ongoing monthly support from the Royal Resorts of Bali.

—Entered into contract with the University of Applied Sciences and Art, Zurich, Switzerland, to coordinate a study of children’s art created in the Project’s art programs as part of a study of children’s art around the world.

—Program in development in Australia for trained Montessori teachers to come to Bali to teach advanced training seminars for Balinese teachers for the three Montessori schools in operation.

GOALS FOR 2005: 

—Continuation of all of the above.

—Establishment of a fourth Montessori kindergarten in Tamblingan. 

—Establishment of a mobile schoolroom to serve the needs of schools throughout Bali.

—Creation of a sister organization, the Balinese Women’s Project (to be a wholly Balinese-run, grass-roots women’s support group).



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