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I  Made Darsa, Managing Director of the Yayasan Bali Children's Project, has been an elementary school teacher for many years and is an accomplished balian (healer), using the techniques of traditional Balinese massage. His respect in the community and his drive to help and serve others have made him instrumental in transforming  the BCP into an Indonesian yayasan (non-profit foundation).  He was one of the leading forces in the creation of the kindergarten in Penestanan.  Made Darsa joined the BCP because its mission, to serve and educate the needy, especially children, fits so well with his own personal mission.


Joyce, the moving force behind the creation of the Bali Children’s Project, was trained as a child development specialist. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Child Development. She is also an RN with a specialty in pediatrics and maternal health. For many years she worked with the Infant Project through Children’s Hospital in Oakland and with the East Bay and Golden Gate Regional Centers in parent- infant home visiting and pediatric home nursing. She is a founding mother of Birthways, an East Bay foundation serving the needs of pregnant women, new mothers and babies, and for more than ten years was a childbirth educator and labor coach at Alta Bates Hospital , Berkeley. 

Joyce was for many years the guardian of her twin sister Judith, who had Down Syndrome and was deaf. After thirty-six years in a state institution, Joyce obtained her release, brought her to California and enrolled her in the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland . Against all odds, Judith became a fiber sculpture artist of international repute. From this experience, and the extraordinary flowering of Judith’s hidden talent, Joyce believes fervently in helping the disempowered, the marginalised and those without hope, to be given an opportunity to realize their inborn gifts.


I Wayan Sendana, a successful attorney in Denpasar,  is  legal advisor to the Yayasan Bali Children's Project.    He grew up in a small traditional village and remains committed to the those essential Balinese values and to helping the community. With his position as a Director of the Yayasan BCP, Wayan Sendana wants to reach out and help disadvantaged children to improve their lives. 



Linda’s education includes a BA in Psychology & Anthropology and an MA in Forensic Psychology. For the past several years, she has been working for STEPS (Support & Training & Educational Program Services, Inc.), a non-profit in East Harlem devoted to helping homeless families and adults improve their life through education and employment services. Before that she was with Incarnation Children's Center, a residence and treatment center devoted to children and infants with HIV/AIDS. This was formed when the epidemic started to affect "boarder babies" and was a place where they could get both love and treatment.

Linda and her husband first went to Bali ten years ago. Falling in love with the culture and the people, they built a house in the village of Penestanan , close to the cultural center of Ubud, where they spend part of every year. Through volunteering with the local primary school she met Made Yudiana (Yudi) and became involved in the project to create Montessori-based kindergartens in Tabanan. This led, in turn, to her spearheading the creation of a kindergarten in Penestanan , and a continuing and deepening involvement with the Bali Childrens Project, of which she is now a Director.

John taught Zoology at Oxford University for eight years and later became a director of Oxford Scientific Films, creating innovative TV wildlife documentaries. He is the author of several books and numerous articles, some related to Bali. 

A chance visit to Bali many years ago ignited a passionate love of the Balinese people and an intense curiosity about their remarkable culture. This resulted in frequent return visits and the formation of Hidden Worlds, a travel company providing visitors a personal and intimate introduction to the island and the Balinese way of life. 

After leading cultural and environmental tours in Bali for several years, his experiences in villages and the countryside brought awareness of the problems faced by disadvantaged children, and led directly to the formation of the Bali Children’s Project with his wife, Joyce Scott. His particular interest in Balinese natural history, archaeology and antiquities has led him to explore many remote and unvisited parts of the island. 

Nyoman is BCP regional director in the Munduk area. He has had a long-standing involvement with the BCP and shares our commitment to improving children's lives through education. Highly respected as a guide and teacher, Nyoman has a deep knowledge of Balinese culture and religion, as well as the natural environment in the Munduk region. Two of the children sponsored through BCP now live with Nyoman and his wife as part of the family. 

Karin has an art degree from Louvain University in Belgium . She first came to Bali as a BCP volunteer and is now  our Program Director and director of the arts program.   Based at Purna, the BCP office and volunteer house in Ubud, she also works extensively in local schools.   Karin has been instrumental in the Starship Hiroshima children's art project in Japan, which regularly raises money for the BCP each year.


Kathi has been BCP's Financial Director since 2001.   A professional accountant in Cincinnati for over thirty years, Kathi shares our concern for disadvantaged children, and believes strongly in the power of education to expand a child's horizons.   Like all the directors, Kathi donates her time and professional services pro bono.



Kadek, a business college graduate, is the BCP's accountant,  bookkeeper and office manager in Bali .  Professionally trained in accounting and business management, Kadek is a great asset as well as an excellent role model for the girls in the programs, having chosen a profession rather than early marriage and child-rearing.




April has worked with the BCP since 2002 as assistant to the Art Program.   A graduate of the STSI Art School in Solo, Central Java, she was awarded a UNESCO bursary to work in France as an illistrator before moving to Bali.  April has a particular love of working with children and helping them to find expression for their natural creativity.


Darta is well known in the Ubud area as an outstanding guide, and works closely with the BCP in introducing our volunteers to the finer points of Balinese life and culture. Darta’s infectious enthusiasm for imparting knowledge about Bali has made him beloved by many visitors. At his family compound in Ubud, Darta and his wife are renowned for their Balinese banquets.



Desak has been our pembantu or helper at Purna for many years. Likewise, we are considered as part of her family and often take part in all manner of temple ceremonies. As housekeeper, she also looks after volunteers in training.  She is a cheerful presence with a warm, irresistible smile.



Rama and his family are well-known in Ubud for their skills as musicians and dancers.   Irrepressibly cheerful, Rama serves the BCP in many capacities, including house manager at Purna.   An invaluable assistant, he also acts as guide and driver, giving support to staff, visitors and volunteers.  Rama's wife, Ayu, is renowned for her cooking, and has has provided many feasts at Purna.

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