The cost of education is an insuperable barrier for many in rural Bali. Although the cost may appear small to western eyes, it is beyond the resources of a large number of families, particularly those who do not possess their own land and must toil in other people’s rice fields and plantations. When families cannot afford education, it is always the girls who are deprived first. 

 For many children in rural areas transportation too is a problem.  Because high schools must serve many villages, they are often widely spaced. Although Balinese children are used to walking long distances to school, for many living in the mountains it is physically impossible to get to school without transport - and transport must be paid for.

The BCP sponsorship program seeks to address the many and varied needs of individual youngsters on a case-by-case basis, sometimes even extending help to the home in order to provide an environment conducive to learning and in which hunger is not an impediment to education.

We are continually being made aware of children in need of support. With only limited resources available, we are often forced, to our great distress, to turn away children in need.

Please help us reach a growing number of deserving young people and make a committment of $25 a month (or more). This will cover school fees, basic materials like books, pens & paper, and transportation - right through to University.

Through the generosity of individual sponsors the BCP has enabled children to be the first person in their community ever to benefit from higher education.

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