Although each village in Bali has its own individual character, the schools all share common problems. Classrooms are uniformly basic, and all too frequently in poor physical condition. Roofs often leak, and with desks, doors & windows broken. Teachers struggle under rudimentary conditions with few, if any, educational materials or teaching aids. Even so, many of these dedicated individuals long for more training and better teaching tools. The children respond with heartwarming enthusiasm to the smallest improvements, their minds full of curiosity and eager to learn.

The BCP support of schools was initially limited to supplying much-needed teaching materials.  Later, through the volunteer program, we were able to offer classes in English and environmental education.

Today we are able to help with urgent maintainance of school buildings, and are actively seeking organisations willing to adopt a Balinese school.  Future plans include opportunities for teachers to receive further training over the Internet through a special computer network being developed in Singapore that will link at least fifty rural schools. In addition, the children will have access to teaching resources far beyond anything currently available on Bali.

Montessori-based Kindergartens

The most exciting BCP development has been the creation of a growing number of Montessori-based kindergartens.  Two are operating in rural Tabanan Regency, and another  opened in 2004 in the village of Penestanan outside Ubud.  A further kindergarten  opened in the mountain village of Munduk in 2005 ( even though half the building still needs to be restored)!.   Another mountain village kindergarten opened in July 2005,   in a remote community near Tamblingan.

The hands-on Montessori method encourges children to learn by exploration and self-discovery. In so doing they acquire important life skills not taught by conventional rote learning.  Originally developed in the slums of Rome, the Montessori approach has won wide acclaim from educators. It is particularly well-suited for use in developing countries and has the advantage of creating an early love of learning at an age when children are at their most inquisitive.

The BCP kindergartens are in urgent need of volunteer teachers  and teacher trainers qualified in the Montessori method, and of donations to provide classroom and playground equipment.

Left:  two Montessori teachers in Munduk.



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