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To help ensure the continuing traditions of music and dance, the Bali Children’s Project has been supporting a dedicated teacher in North Bali (who also travels long distances to teach in other mountain communities) by contributing to the cost of constructing a studio, providing necessary costumes and paying for the tuition of poor children in need of support. We would welcome the donation of additional funds to extended this program to other areas of Bali. 

Under the inspired leadership of our Program Director, Karin Goris, the BCP has been running very popular and successful art classes for children.   These are held regularly at Purna, the BCP headquarters in Ubud, and also in neighboring schools.  With sometimes as many as sixty children in attendence at one time, the creative outpouring in these classes is amazing.    Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland are collaborating with the BCP in a major study of children's art and creativity.

The BCP Arts Program is always in need of materials, particularly bottles of poster paints, which are hard to buy in Bali, and are expensive.



BCP Children's Art

 The artwork featured below  was produced by children we have supported, and formed part of the Starship Hiroshima art party in Japan in 2003.  The originals are available for sale to benefit both the artist and the Bali Children's Project.   Please email us for details.

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