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 The kindergarten in Penestanan has been extremely fortunate in being given a brand new building and classroom by the village. The current class which will be the first graduating kindergarten is enjoying the brightness and spaciousness of their new class.

 The children have had dance lessons from a traditional Balinese dance teacher and taken a trip to a local zoo among other special treats.

 We've been fortunate to have a relationship with the Taman Kanak Kanak Montessori in Bali. The director, Nattalia Sinclaire, has helped to connect us with a wonderful Montessori teacher, Lydia, who has helped to instruct our own teachers. We've also received donations of Montessori supplies through the help of Carol Engmann and her school in Jakarta.

 Sponsors have been found for 3 new children and we're very excited about this. One young girl who has been very diligent in grammar school but whose family was unable to pay for any continuing education is now assured of an education at least through junior high school.   We also have sponsors of 2 young children in Penestanan, one kindergartner and one first grader.

We've been able to provide the roof for a schoolhouse which will enable a whole kindergarten class to move into a refurnished schoolhouse and study in a clean and safe environment.

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1. Kindergartens
2. BCP Houses
3. Art Party in Japan
4. A Balinese response to the Kuta bombings
5. Jenny O'Donnell

1. Kindergartens

The Montessori-based Kindergartens started by  Made Yudiana (‘ Yudi )  and the BCP are proving an enormous success.  Following the two started in rural Tabanan Regency, a third opened last year in Penestanan , outside Ubud , thanks to the dedicated work of BCP Director Linda Moselle .  Two further kindergartens have opened during 2005 in  Munduk and the remote high-mountain community of Tamblingan under the auspices of BCP Regional Director Nyoman Witama 

2. BCP Houses

Whenever possible, we like to make our houses in Bali available without charge to supporters of the BCP.  We also offer them to visitors at a modest charge as a way to raise funds.

Information on both houses may be obtained by clicking on the following links :

our house on the edge of Ubud 

our mountain sanctuary near Munduk 

Please email us for further details about using either house.

3. Art Party in Japan 

In 2004 Starship Hiroshima again organised an Art Party to which BCP contributed, and once more funds were generated to support our Art Programs. Thank you Adam, and thank you Karin Goris for making this possible.

Further joint projects with Starship Hiroshima, Adam's organisation , are underway, and we expect to host parties of Japanese students in Bali next year. We will keep you posted.

4. Fundraising

The BCP is always interested in hearing from people who would like to undertake fundraising projects such as concerts, dinners etc. If you have special fundraising skills to contribute, or useful corporate contacts , please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The BCP Directors have two properties in France that are available for rent, part of the proceeds going to the BCP. If you know anybody who might be interested in renting a converted riverside barn or small, romantic château, please have them email us:

5. The Balinese have spoken 

A remarkable response to the Kuta bombing. 

How quickly we forget! Although the following was written soon after the Kuta bombing in 2002, it still resonates strongly today . The horrors of the Bali bombing have been overtaken by no less terrible events elsewhere in the world, and the media have moved on.

Lost in the turmoil has been the remarkable response of the Balinese people themselves. Instead of wildly pointing the finger of blame and seeking revenge, the Balinese look to resolve the underlying causes of the tragedy and build on the experience

What follows is the text of an extraordinary speech, delivered in English, by Asana Viebeke L, head of Parum Samigita , the council of the Banjars (village wards) in Kuta and neighboring communities. It is significant in being the first public statement made by those directly affected by the blast. It clearly demonstrates the deep spirituality of the Balinese and the powerful and distinctive way in which they are able to respond to such violence.

“Now We Move Forward!

25th October 2002

Asana Viebeke L

We Balinese have an essential concept of balance. It s the Tri Hita Karana ; a concept of harmonious balance. The balance between God and humanity ; Humanity with itself and Humanity with the environment. This places us all in a universe of common understanding. 

It is not only nuclear bombs which have fallout. It is our job to minimize this fallout for our people and our guests from around the world. Who did this? It's not such an important question for us to discuss. Why this happened; maybe this is more worthy of thought. What can we do to create beauty from this tragedy and come to an understanding where nobody feels the need to make such a statement again? This is important. This is the basis from which we can embrace everyone as a brother; everyone as a sister.

It is a period of uncertainty. It is a period of change. It is also an opportunity for us to move together into a better future. A future where we embrace all of humanity in the knowledge that we all look and smell the same when we are burnt. Victims of this tragedy are from all over the world.

The past is not significant. It is the future which is important. This is the time to bring our values, our empathy, to society and the world at large. To care . To Love.

The modern world brings to many of us the ability to rise above the core need for survival. Most people in the developed world no longer need to struggle to simply stay alive. It is our duty to strive to improve our quality of life .

We want to return to our lives. Please help us realize this wish.

Why seek retribution from people who are acting as they see fit? These people are misguided from our point of view. Obviously, from theirs, they feel justified and angry enough to make such a brutal statement.

We would like to send a message to the world - Embrace this misunderstanding between our brothers and lets seek a peaceful answer to the problems which bring us to such tragedy.

We embrace all the beliefs, hopes and dreams of all the people in the world with Love.

Do not bring malice to our world. What has happened has happened. Stop talking about the theories of who did this and why. It does not serve the spirit of our people. Words of hate will not rebuild our shops and houses. They will not heal damaged skin. They will not bring back our dead.

Help us to create beauty out of this tragedy. Our community is bruised and hurting. Our spirit can never be broken.

Everybody in the world is of one principle brotherhood.

Paras Paros Sarpanaye Sabayantaka Tat Wam Asi You are me and I am you.

We have a concept in Bali , Ruwa Bhineda , a balance between good and bad. Without bad there can be no good. The Bad is the sibling of the Good. Embrace this concept and we can move forward into a better world. 

You love your husband and wife but sometimes you fight. Fear arises and shows it s opposition to love. This is normal. This is a natural, essential part of life .

There is Sekala / Niskala - the underworld forever in darkness merging with our world in the light.

These are the concepts by which we, as Balinese, live our lives. Please, we beg you, talk only of the good which can come of this. Talk of how we can reconcile our apparent differences. Talk of how we can bring empathy and love into everybody s lives.

The overwhelming scenes of love and compassion at Sanglah Hospital show us the way forward into the future. If we hate our brothers and sisters we are lost in Kali Yuga.

If we can Love all of our brothers and sisters, we have already begun to move into Kertha Yuga. We have already won The War Against Terrorism .

Thank you for all your compassion and love

Asana Viebeke L
Kuta Desa Adat
Parum Samigita

6. Jenny O'Donnell 

Because of confusion, caused largely by outdated information still available on the Internet, the Bali Children's Project wishes to clarify that it no longer has any connection with the volunteer programs run in Bali by Miss O'Donnell under the auspices of IDEP, a local Indonesian charity..


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