How You Can Help

Your help gives  children the greatest gifts possible - an education,  a childhood free from oppressive work and exploitation,  and the opportunity to realize their full potential.

 Here are some of the ways in which you can give the BCP your  support :

1)   Tax-deductable Financial Donations
      Donations can be made specifically to:
            Support a child, including books and tuition
            Support a child and a family
            Support a whole class  (books and classroom teaching aids)
            Support an entire School (including essential building repairs)

  For further information go to:

2) Sponsor an individual Child
            Just $25 a month guarantees a childís education through high school.   Regular automatic payments  can easily be made as a PayPal subscription.

3) Bring or send school materials
            Any educational materials, such as textbooks, childrenís  books, pens, notepads or classroom teaching aids that can be brought to Bali, or sent by mail to the BCP office will be gratefully received.

4) Donate a laptop computer
            Computers are scarce in Bali and badly needed. Your old laptop, no matter how outdated, will be highly prized and well-used in Bali.

5) Help with fund-raising
            If you have fundraising skills and experience, and would like to use them   for the benefit of the children of Bali, please let us know. If you donít  have  such skills, you could still help by hosting a fund-raising dinner  party or other activity. Try it!

6) Become a volunteer in Bali
            Enthusiastic, adaptable, and  experienced?  Experienced volunteer teachers always welcome to help in our Montessori-based kindergartens while living with a village family.


To make a tax-deductable donation click here:


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  • The work of the BCP is wholly dependent upon the generous donations of individuals and organisations.   

  • All donations go exclusively to support our charitable programs

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