The Bali Children's Project is very grateful to all those organisations and individuals who support our work through gifts, donations, publicity and volunteering their time and expertise.

In particular we wish to thank our recent donors & supporters:

Adam Beck


Barbara Perreault

Barry & Lisa Thomas

Berit Schuman

Bethlyn & Keil Gerard

Brooke Dramer

Cam Mitchell 

Carol Engman

Carol Scott

Carolyn Mathews

Chris Vilesak

Colleen Carlston


Elizabeth Wallace

Evelyn Crow

Gary Venter

Gloria Alago

Gregory Kielas

Helen Mary

Herb Slater

Janaki Patrik

Jane Rich 

Jen Richardson

Joyce Brobeck

Judy O'Brien 

Judy Stadler

Karl Wichmann 

Kathi Dillinger

Kitty Nunneley

Kristen Pett

Lillian Santos

Ling Hung-Chung

Luella Purse

Lynn Steigler

Marcia Robinson

Margariet Smit

Mary Crowley

Matt & Becca Paiss

Maureen Schat

Melvin and Jacqueline

Michel Debeau

Nattalia Sinclaire

Nick & Morag Tilford

Raven Solomon

Ray & Anne Poirier

Rima Xoyamayagua

Robert Moselle

Roger & Monique Mendelson

Rosie Ritchison

Sherry Walters

Stefanie Stark & Juliya Dan

Tara Heron 

Tara Timinski


Tom & Jaunita Coddington

Virginia Kwarta

Wendy Bartlett




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The Bali Children’s Project is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered in the state of California and in Indonesia (EIN 26-0021623)

  • The work of the BCP is wholly dependent upon the generous donations of individuals and organisations.   

  • All donations go exclusively to support our charitable programs

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