The Bali Children's Project can accept donations by credit card over the Internet and as cash or check mailed directly to our accountant.

All donations to the Bali Children's Project are tax-deductable.

Donations over the Internet are made through the BCP  'PayPal' account, a safe and secure service used by buyers and sellers worldwide

Cedit Card donations can be made  easily at any time without the need  to open your own PayPal account simply by hitting the 'Donate'  button below.

Regular, automatic contributions to the BCP can be made through PayPal in the form of a subscription.  To do this, hit on the 'Subscription' button below.


To make a donation click here:


To make regular automatic donations click here:

Cash donations and checks (payable to "Bali Children's Project) should be mailed to:

BCP Accountant
Kathi Dillinger
3606 Blue Sky Parkway
Williamsburg, OH 45176 

 We are always grateful for any help you can give!

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The Bali Children’s Project is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered in the state of California and in Indonesia (EIN 26-0021623)

  • The work of the BCP is wholly dependent upon the generous donations of individuals and organisations.   

  • All donations go exclusively to support our charitable programs

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