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The Bali Children’s Project is always interested in collaborating with organizations and individuals whose aims accord with our own.  There are two organizations in Bali with which we work closely:

The Kupu-Kupu Foundation:

Kupu-Kupu is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the lives of physically and mentally disabled children, adolescents and adults in Bali. Run by Begonia Lopez, the main objective of Kupu-Kupu is to help the disabled achieve the highest possible level of physical and economical independence.  

The Bali Children’s Project and Kupu-Kupu share many common goals and assist each other whenever possible.  BCP has donated equipment, and is planning to sponsor some children with disabilities through Kupu-Kupu.  We are also planning to provide volunteers to teach in their school.  Any doctors, physical therapists or nurses who would like to help disabled children while in Bali are encouraged to contact Begonia at  

 The Ubud Children’s Library:

The Children’s Library is housed at the Ubud Resource Center run by Laurie Billington and her husband Made.  It was the first library in Bali devoted entirely to the needs of children, and is designed both to encourage reading in Indonesian and to help in teaching English. 

  The Bali Children’s Project has made financial donations, as well as supplying books to the Children’s Library for several years, and we are currently working on plans for a joint mobile library and educational program.  The Resource Center & Children’ Library is a vibrant hub of Balinese culture and is the venue for traditional dance and children’s gamelan orchestra classes.  The Resource Center and Children’s Library is located by the football field on Monkey Forest Road, and can be contacted at:


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