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The Bali Children's Project (BCP) is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in Bali through education.   It is founded on the belief that as children are empowered to realize their potential, they will enrich their villages and contribute to the world we all share. By providing opportunities for education, we are giving children the chance for a better tomorrow, while lightening the burdens of today.

Our programs include sponsorship of individual children, family support, school improvements and teacher training.   To benefit even more children, the BCP is also active in creating Montessori-based kindergartens in a growing number of communities throughout Bali.

For almost ten years the Bali Children's Project has been quietly touching the lives of young people and their families. It grew from a simple desire to give back to the Balinese people, as a gesture of gratitude, something tangible in return for the joy and delight their warm welcome and rich culture have given to us.    We are acutely aware of the importance of maintaining Baliís rich cultural heritage, and protecting it from undue outside influence. BCP programs are designed to integrate the demands of economic progress with the islandís traditional values. 

Ni Luh, pictured here receiving her first dance lesson, and wearing her new sarong, is typical of the children helped by the BCP.  She and her sister lived with their widowed father in abject poverty in a mountain shack deep in the forest. Today, her sister, Kadek, has become an accomplished artist, and Ni Luh herslf a talented dancer, a star pupil with a bright future ó two children whose lives have been truly transformed through donations to the Bali Childrenís Project.


We hope you share our excitement and our vision of a more just and equitable society, in which children can look forward to a rich and fulfilling life. Only with your continued compassion and generosity can we succeed in this life-changing work.


Joyce Scott, John Cooke & Linda Moselle



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The Bali Childrenís Project is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered in the state of California and in Indonesia (EIN 26-0021623)

  • The work of the BCP is wholly dependent upon the generous donations of individuals and organisations.   

  • All donations go exclusively to support our charitable programs

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