FOOTHILL.NET WEB CREATIONS PRICE SCHEDULE offers a variety of options and services to meet your internet needs.

Web Page Development: Web Pages can be created for you, call office for pricing. This includes creation of graphics and/or scanned images. Sites using CGI functions such as a Guestbooks,Web page counters, Login scripts, Order forms, Message Forums, Email list scripting, Password protected pages, etc. can be created, call office for pricing. Custom scripts can be created for you as well. We can also submit your website to some of the major search engines on the web, thus making your website easier to find.

Website Hosting: See our web server prices for details This includes CGI-bin access for Forms, Page counters, Guestbook scripts etc., making your website more interactive and engaging for your visitors/customers. This also includes Dual homed T1s providing a high degree of reliability for your website. In addition, Foothill.Net has backup power protection, in case of power outages. And to ensure your website's availability, we provide 24 hour monitoring of the system. In case of any system failure, backup equipment provides the ability to get it back online with as little interruption as possible.

Domain Registration: If you wish to register a domain name, the fee is $70, and is good for 2 years part of the fee assessed to set it up your domain on the servers at Foothill.Net. If you want more years please call the office for a quote. A domain name is a unique address for your website (for example, It is a good idea to select more than one version of the name you would like to use in the event your first or second choice is already in use. When you have selected 2-3 names acceptable to you, we can then determine which are open to use, and register it with Internic. The registration process itself typically takes a couple of days to complete. Once your domain name is registered it can then be used for your site, available for view to internet users around the world. For information and Pricing on Web Hosting Services

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Any questions please E-mail, or call (530) 502-1030 and we will be glad to assist you.