What is Shareware? - Shareware is software that is availalbe for free, usually for a limited time or with limited functionality. For example, it might be a graphics program that does everything but save or print, or it might stop functioning after a preset amount of time has passed. Some shareware is distributed on the honor system, with full functionality but expecting you to pay for the software if you continue to use it after a reasonable amount of time for testing has passed.

What is freeware? - Freeware is completely free software, with few if any strings attached. Normally the authors only ask that you don't try to pass it off as your own or resell it to others. With a little searching, you may well find a freeware program that will meet your needs as well as software you pay for.

The following links are to various sites on the internet that have shareware and freeware programs available for download. The fact that we list these sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the sites or the software they have available.

NOTE: As with any downloading of files from the internet, it is wise to check for viruses before installing or using any software obtained in this manner. If you do not have anti-viral software it is advised you procure and install such protection before any downloading of software. Most shareware sites are very careful about virus hazards, but there are no guarantees. Understand that any downloading of software from the internet is done at your own risk. Foothill.Net,Inc. takes no responsiblity for the effects of downloading software from any internet site.

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