We have ISDN in some locations. With ISDN The Telephone Company charges you, the customer, usage fees. If you already have an ISDN line it can be used but only with the ISDN billing plans below, which means the Telephone Company will bill you per minute usage fees. 

We have the following ISDN Monthly payment plans:

Monthly Plans Price
Plan A is up to 75 Channel Hours $24.95
Plan B is up to 150 Channel Hours $34.95
Plan C is up to 300 Channel Hours $44.95

Unmetered Hours*


* The Unmetered plan is not Dedicated access. But is available 24 hours a day.

There is a charge of $1/hour for every channel hour used when the maximum allowed channel hours are exceeded.

Foothill.Net supports single channel (64k) and multichannel bonding of either ISDN packages for any speed multiple of 64k up to 512k.

Foothill.Nets monthly access fees for usage are in addition to the Telephone Company line fees. We charge per channel hour, so 5 hours of one 64k channel is 5 billable hours or 6 hours of two 64k channels is 12 billable hours.

ISDN is Bi-Directional at whatever speed you pay for. ISDN does NOT have the same line length restrictions that DSL does. Therefore ISDN is available in more of the rural areas than DSL technologies at this time. To confirm availability, we need your physical address where the line is to be installed and the current telephone number of that same location.

ISDN requires an ISDN terminal adapter or some people call them ISDN modems. There are many different types of ISDN devices with price ranges from $150 to $2,000 with the average small business unit priced at around $500. We can sell the ISDN device to you or you can buy your own elsewhere. But the Telephone Company must know which device you are going to use before the line is ordered because they have to set up different configurations at the Telephone Company central office for different devices.

All of the above are Dynamically Assigned a Single IP Address. This means that you will be randomly assigned an IP address from our modem pool each time you connect.

Up to 10 Additional Email accounts are included with any of the above plans. Additional Email accounts will be charged $5 per name for set up and $2 per month per email over 10.

With ISDN we do not charge a set up fee. The Telephone Company will charge you whatever they charge for installation of the line. Usually around $200 But that is their fee and we can't quote that.

We can support immediate set up if your line is already installed. If not, the Telephone Company is usually running from 1 to 3 weeks to install customer lines but Foothill.Net has no control over the Telephone Company installation dates.

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