Facts & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. How come I can't view web pages or receive email or log in to Foothill.Net?
A. Sometimes the TCP/IP drivers become corrupt, and you need to refresh the them:
  • First, click the "Start" button, then go to "Settings", the "Control Panel".
  • Next open up "Network". In the list of components click on either TCP/IP or TCP/IP Dial-up Networking
  • Click on the properties button (After that you most likely will see the TCP/IP Dial-up Networking pop-up box asking if you are sure you want to change the TCP/IP settings) press "OK"
  • Click on any tab other than the current tab which is the IP Address (excluding Windows ME), then click "OK"
  • Press "OK" again at the Network window
  • Now this is the part where the refresh occurs, if Windows detected an error with the TCP/IP Dial-up Networking Drivers you will see a message that says "Building Driver Information Database", or "Please restart your computer now", either way you need to restart your computer
Q. When do I refresh the TCP/IP drivers?
A. You should refresh the TCP/IP drivers when you are unable to view web pages AND you are unable to access your email, or unable to log into Foothill.Net
FACT: Leaving your computer on continuously or Not shutting down your computer properly can cause OS (Operating System) Decay.
OS Decay is where important system files become corrupted. OS Decay always happens over time normally with ALL Windows Operating Systems, even Windows ME and Windows 2000 are prime candidates for OS Decay due to their design. Some people are still running Windows 95 which has a greater risk of having OS Decay than Windows 98, 98 SE, 2000, and ME. When OS Decay occurs, one of the first things to go are the drivers, which includes the TCP/IP Drivers. SEE ABOVE!
Q. Why does the password require a capital letter and a number?
A. This criteria gives greater security to password files. It's different from most providers and we have found it to be effective
Q. Can I have my mail setup so that each family member has their own box?
A. Yes, we do this by setting up separate identities for each person. Outlook Express is a good example of using identities. The newer version of Eudora allows this also. If you would like to do this, email support@foothill.net for assistance.
Q. On your EASY INTERNET CD what is the access code?
"FHNET" or just hit "cancel"...it will then take you to available titles.
Q. I am tired of all the "JUNK MAIL", do you find yourself saying this?
A. Use Spam Guardian a service provided by Foothill.net ...sometimes the best defense is no defense. Delete the mail. Don't respond or ask to be removed from the list...all this does is provide the spammers with more information. Just as you toss junk mail you receive from the postal service in the trash, do the same with your junk email. If it's very offensive, forward it to spam@foothill.net.
Q. Why am I kicked off line when I check my email?
A. Using Outlook Express try this...Go to Tools, Options, then to the connection tab and see if "Hang up after sending/receiving" is checked...if it is checked remove the check mark...click OK.
Q. Why am I getting disconnected frequently?
A. Click here for answer!
Q. Is the password case sensitive?