New Secure and Controlled-Environment Facility 

Up to OC12 available

Run the server of your choice

Act as primary and secondary Domain Name Server (DNS)

Your machine resides at our premises where we provide a 100 Meg Ethernet hub to our network.
We provide a subnet of 2 useable, non-portable IP addresses, and we manage the routing and Internet connectivity to the machine.
You need only maintain the data contained on your machine.
We also have power backup systems to protect against outside power losses.
What you do with the machine is fully up to you, providing it does not violate our Acceptable Use Policy (i.e., illegal activities, pornography, or spamming).
For emergency purposes we require an administration login name and password to the machine.

$200 Installation Fee
$300/month (maximum of 50 Gigabytes of data transfer)
$100/month for each additional 50 Gigabytes of data transfer

First Server $300 Bandwidth is combined per customer for server discounts to apply
Second Server $250
Third Server $175
Fourth Server $125
All additional servers are $125 each

50 Gigabytes total throughput is provided regardless of number of servers

$100 for each additional 50 Gigabytes or portion thereof

In addition, we charge 50 cents per month for each IP address after the first 2 per server in blocks of:
/30 (2) $1
/29 (6) $3
/28 (14) $7
/27 (30) $15
/26 (62) $31
/25 (126) $63
/24 (254) $127

Primary Domain Name Service is available at $2 per name per month.

Secondary Domain Name Service is 25 cents for each Domain per month.

Server Installation and Management

Our facilities are available by appointment only for server installation during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, unless other arrangements are made.
Our technical support staff can be reached at all times via pager.
Set-up Fee is $200 per Server.
The set-up fee is to cover the cost of a technician on the premise, setting up the location, providing electrical, Ethernet connections and configuration of initial routing. 
All work provided by Foothill.Net is charged at a rate of $100 per hour, minimum charge is 1/4 hour.
This includes re-booting, routing changes, DNS changes and any other services that require interaction with a Foothill.Net employee.
All new Servers are required to have (2) 100 meg Ethernet cards and will be assigned one IP address each.
Each co-location company is allowed one keyboard and one monitor per four Servers.
All additional keyboards and monitors will be charged at a rate of $25 per month.
24 hour monitoring and notifications system by email or pager (What's Up Gold) is available for $25 per month.

Copyright 2001 Foothill.Net

(530)367-3818 or email sales@Foothill.Net