Since 1922!Show your support for Troop 4 !

All proceeds from Troop 4 fund raisers go entirely to support our local Scouting and community programs!
SCRIP Fundraiser - FREE!!
Use Troop 4 SCRIP for your local purchases. The Troop receives an average of 5% of all SCRIP purchases at no cost to you! Available from 200 merchants in varying denominations. See the Troop Treasurer for details.
Support Troop 4!
Community Partners Fundraiser - FREE!!
When you use the Troop's Albertson's Community Partners card at any Albertsons market, the Troop receives 2% of all purchases at no cost to you! Get your free card from the Troop Treasurer!
Support Troop 4!
Troop T-shirts & Sweatshirts - Great Values!
Wear the new Troop 4 Summer t-shirt and cool weather hooded sweatshirt with our new graphics. Red poly/cotton blend with white graphics.
Only $10 in sizes from men's Small to XXL.
Only $20 in sizes from men's Small to XXL
Troop Decal - Almost Free!
Display the Troop vinyl decal on your car, boat, or office window.

Only $5 in white exterior grade vinyl, 6x9" oval
Troop Mug - A Real Bargin!
Enjoy the stainless steel Troop mug featuring foam insulation, PVC liner, D ring handle, twist open-close lid, and dual sided imprints. Great to clip to your backpack, daypack or canoe thwart!
Only $8 16oz capacity
Recycle your used ink jet & laser cartridges - SAVE $$!!
Troop 4 collects and recycles used ink jet and laser printer cartridges for cash. Our efforts not only raise funds for the Troop, but they also reduce our community landfill problem and save $$ for local businesses on their disposal costs! Drop your used cartridges off at the Grass Valley Scout Lodge or contact our Committee Chair for pickup arrangements.

Purchases can be picked up at the Grass Valley Scout Lodge. Mail orders add USPS first class mailing charges.
Boy Scouts of America - Troop 4
since 1922 !!
Grass Valley Scout Lodge
Memorial Park
415 Memorial Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Meetings every Monday, 7PM @ the Grass Valley Scout Lodge

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